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My passion is decorating with vintage and antique finds on a budget. There was a time when I wouldn't have dreamed of going into a goodwill. That day has passed. :) My second love is scrapbooking all those special family moments for posterity, and I recently set up my very own scrapbooking room. I have three beautiful children, two sons and a daughter as well as a sweet (albeit full blooded Yankee) daughter-in-law and two grandgirls. I also enjoy gardening, meeting new friends and relaxing on my patio in the evenings with a glass of fine wine. During the summer of 2001, I spent two glorious weeks at Kennedy Space Center. I've been somewhat of a space geek ever since....

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

First Day of Summer Vacation

Hello, my friends.  I've been in a dark place these last three weeks since my mom passed away.  What a sweet, lovely lady she was..... and I will miss her dearly.  That heartbreaking loss coupled with the stress of closing out a school year made for some sleepless nights.  But sometimes we have to push ourselves to continue this business called living.  My mom's dementia caused her to forget that my dad died three years ago and she would often ask where he was and why he wasn't coming to see her.  When I let my kids know she was gone, but finally reunited with my dad, the love of her life, my middle child texted me this message, "Yup, PawPaw came and picked her up and they're off on a hot date right now."  :)   Gotta love that kid...

I spent the day yesterday working in the yard. What better way to welcome summer than that?????  My hostas are beginning to bloom.

And the kittens are running all over the place.....  Time to find them good homes.....

I stopped off at Lowe's and filled a buggy full..... And came home and planted it all.  Pictures to come!

Here's a glimpse.... New patio umbrella.....

And my favorite purchase of all...... New throw pillows for my outdoor wicker chairs!

Stay tuned for more improvements to come!!!!!!



  1. Life is like that--sorrow and beauty. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


  2. Terri- I am really sorry about your Mom. I know the pain of that loss. My own mother had dementia too and got to the place where she didn't even know her own name. So sad, isn't it? From the cradle to grown and back to the cradle just leaves you aching with emotion and no "box" to put that emotion in.

    Your plants are lovely and I can't wait to see everything planted. It's amazing that life can seem to end in one area for us and be re-created again in another. Your plantings symbolize a whole new cycle of life~ xxoo Diana

  3. I'm so sorry about your mom...

    The color of my countertops is called venetian gold. It is wonderful and goes with everything...I am very pleased with them.

    Love the outdoor pillows you purchased...very cute! Kristen

  4. I am so sorry about your mom but rest assured that she is in good hands now. I love the pillows and your garden and patio are beautiful!...Christine

  5. I will definitely let you know when we have a get together, Terri, but right now, we have not started planning yet....Christine

  6. Hi Terri! SO excited to read your daughter will be going to CofC! Great school (I'm partial, my hubby, two brothers and I all went there). Very hard to stay focused though! it's a fun place. Charleston (or nearby) is on the list for one of the possible locations. Right now wer are just trying to figure out where everyone is coming from. Send me your email address so I can keep you posted!
    Scissors & Spatulas

  7. Hey Miss Terri! I've been n a dark place for some time know. I don't really know how to get out either. I'm sorry I'm just now seeing this post.
    My thoughts are with you.



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