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My passion is decorating with vintage and antique finds on a budget. There was a time when I wouldn't have dreamed of going into a goodwill. That day has passed. :) My second love is scrapbooking all those special family moments for posterity, and I recently set up my very own scrapbooking room. I have three beautiful children, two sons and a daughter as well as a sweet (albeit full blooded Yankee) daughter-in-law and two grandgirls. I also enjoy gardening, meeting new friends and relaxing on my patio in the evenings with a glass of fine wine. During the summer of 2001, I spent two glorious weeks at Kennedy Space Center. I've been somewhat of a space geek ever since....

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Chuck E Cheese........ We "Wike" That Guy

Kaitlyn and I took the girls to Chuck E Cheese's last night. Haylee's comment driving in was, "We wike that guy!" Out of the mouths of babes.... We haven't been in a while and they are finally old enough to fully enjoy the fun...... The last time they were a little intimidated by all the kids and the noise. It's been a great week having them here but Gram is exhausted. It's funny how we forget just how much work little ones are......


  1. Grandparents have the best of all worlds. They get to enjoy and then send 'em home!

  2. Chuck E Cheese is the man! It brings back memories. My son is 18 now but was terrified of Chuck E Cheese when he was little. When he would come out and walk around my son would hide under the table and cry. Wonder if he would still do that now? lol! I see a trip to Chuck E Cheese in his future. haha

  3. That'd make a great theme for a scrapbook page, Christy...

  4. It so would. I am going to do that. It would be hysterical..although I'm sure Toby wouldn't think so. hahaha


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