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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dividing Up the Estate

Sunday was a very hard day.  My siblings and I met at my mom's house to divide up the household contents in order to prepare to put the house on the market.  After my dad passed away three years ago, my mom lived alone for a while.  She was really struggling without him and ended up at my sister's house, where she lived for the next year.  Dealing with her memory issues really wore my sister down.  We also worried about my mom being home alone all day alone, so we started to look at other options.  Last March we moved her into a nice assisted living facility and hired sitters for nine hours every day.  After the sitter leaves, the workers at the assisted living check on her periodically during the night.  The house has been sitting empty all this time and we knew if something happened to it, the insurance company would refuse to cover any claims.

There has been terrible animosity amongst some of the siblings and ladies, I can tell you that sibling rivalry is alive and well in my family.  But that's another story and believe me, you really don't want to hear it.

In the coming days, I will be posting about the things that I brought home with me.  I've been doing some internet research to learn more about each item and I'll share that with you as well.  Here's a little sneak preview.....

Hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine's Day!


  1. Wonderful you get to have some things from your parents house. My Mom really doesn't want to let anything go just yet. And yes, I bet the sibling things either goes good or bad.

  2. IMHO things, material possessions, are not worth fighting about. Hope there can be some reconciliation in the family.

  3. Yes-it is amazing that sometimes this sort of thing brings out the very worst in people. For my brother and me it was not bad at all...but my husband's family...a whole 'nother can of worms...or should I say snakes? Can you say stolen rings and fur coats that POOF disappear? uh-huh...

  4. Not only have I been there but I too am in the midst of dealing with unkindness and the closing of my mom's estate. (She passed in March.)

    I decided to just walk away from it all. I have what's really important~ good memories ~ and anything else ~ fighting, etc is just a diservice to her memory.

    I am thinking of you.

  5. Sorry to hear that Terri! It does happen though, in more families than not. So far our families like to give us things while they are alive, and they have a story to go with, which is even better. Good luck, and hang in there. Yes I am a South Carolina girl...really a Yankee...but I love the SOuth!

  6. Know what you are going through. It is always stressful,but this to will pass.Glad you got some things and no one can take away memories.

  7. Hello I am wondering how things went for you and your family. Any words of advice for the test of us who may be going through the same thing soon? Hope that you are well!


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