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Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Pick Me Up

Johnny and I went over to Lowe's last night to pick up some supplies and chanced across these beautiful Phalaenopsis orchids and I just couldn't resist buying one.  I'm not sure why but they were priced unbelievably low.... $14.99 for this gorgeous specimen of a plant...  Just what I needed for a little wintertime pick me up.
Don't ya just LOVE it?

I'm not sure how it'll do in this location so I'll need to watch it carefully.  My other one is in my kitchen window and that's been a great spot for it.  It rebloomed last spring and is all budded up and ready for another show of glory.  Before long,
it's going to look like this.....

Isn't that the most beautiful flower you ever saw?  But for the time being, it looks like this.....

When it shot up a stalk and rebloomed last spring, I was AMAZED. 
And there it is again, a new stalk with little buds springing forth. 

Here's a better view.....

Do you see how one bud looks darker?  Not sure what's going on there.  Once it starts budding, the stalk continues to grow and more buds will appear.   Or at least that's what it did last year.  I've read that these plants like to be rootbound, but when the roots started growing
 out of the hole at the bottom of the pot, I crossed my fingers and repotted it. 
Since then, the leaves have almost doubled in size.

Just looking at these blooms makes me smile......


  1. What a gorgeous orchid. I think I want to get one and see if I can keep it alive. They are so delicate looking.

  2. Terri-Gorgeous orchids. I think they are very pretty but they don't do well in this climate where it seems there is always a door opened allowing a freezing bit of air to pop in. I hope yours re-blooms again this year..looks like the buds have a good start.

    I have to tell you-I went to blogger and over where the fonts were (when I was doing a new post) and I couldn't find any alternate fonts avaialable. I know you said there were several to choose from...are you using Blogspot and if so, where are the font choices-if you have a moment to answer. Thanks - Diana

  3. Gorgeous Terry...I may have to try my hand at one of these too...I love the way they look. XO

  4. Wow, I just killed one about a month ago. Over watering I think. I do love them but have never had one come back again. Bad lighting, watering?? You must have the perfect touch.


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