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My passion is decorating with vintage and antique finds on a budget. There was a time when I wouldn't have dreamed of going into a goodwill. That day has passed. :) My second love is scrapbooking all those special family moments for posterity, and I recently set up my very own scrapbooking room. I have three beautiful children, two sons and a daughter as well as a sweet (albeit full blooded Yankee) daughter-in-law and two grandgirls. I also enjoy gardening, meeting new friends and relaxing on my patio in the evenings with a glass of fine wine. During the summer of 2001, I spent two glorious weeks at Kennedy Space Center. I've been somewhat of a space geek ever since....

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Monday, December 10, 2012

The Ups and Downs of Life

I know I've been neglecting my lil old blog lately.  I've been on a whirlwind ride of emotions from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows.  My health is good but the future scares me silly.  I feel great most days.  When I have those random unexplained nights where the hot flash monster won't allow me to sleep, I struggle with exhaustion and brain fog the entire next day.  I'm returning to MD Anderson on January 22nd for a check up.  That's what life is like post-cancer, it's measured from check up to check up in 90 day blocks of time.

But retirement beckons.  I have 10 more days of work!  Losing the stress of a job that could keep two or three people busy every day will be a positive thing.  I love the wonderful folks I work with and will miss them dearly, but not the stress and the never-ending feeling of never being caught up on my work.  I'm planning to do something FUN on a part-time basis, something crafty and creative.  I have a few ideas that I'm tossing around....  Stay tuned...

We had a great Thanksgiving.  Every holiday gets a bit easier, the whole "sharing the kids with the ex on special occasions" deal.  Here are my two sweethearts hanging by those Thanksgiving turkey cupcakes that Kait and I made.  Those two love their chocolate!

Now for me, on the other hand, it was that luscious Berry Chantilly Cake from Whole Foods that was calling my name.  I've given up sweets (cancer loves sugar) but sure did indulge in a big slice of that yummy cake after dinner.  YUM!

I gave the girls a "Santa in a Box" kit that included a hat, glasses, beard, and Christmas book and they had fun with it.  That's Haylee with Kait.

And here are both girls, Haylee with the Santa hat and Brooke wearing Kait's LSU Santa hat.  Kait graduates in May!!!  Woohoo!!!!

Thanksgiving got packed away and out came CHRISTMAS.  I kept the same color scheme for my tree this year except I added some white garland to tone down the bling a bit.  I love how it came out and sure wish a picture would do it more justice.  The lighting in my family room isn't the best.

I've been yearning for Night Before Christmas plates to match my salad plates but just didn't see room in the budget to buy them.  So Johnny bought them for me!!  Of course, I have to wait to receive them so I'm using my plain white china with them.  I'm still without napkins, haven't found any just like the ones I envision anywhere, so will probably make some.  Here's what I have so far....

So what do you think?  I'm thinking a plaid red and green fabric for the napkins.  Or maybe solid green with berry napkin rings.....

Here's my promise to myself.  I WILL get out of bed every day and thank God for his mercies.  I WILL not dwell on the what ifs.....  I WILL enjoy my good health and work toward ovarian cancer awareness in every way I can.  Knowledge is POWER!  Merry Christmas!!



  1. Glad you are feeling better, most of the time! I wrote on my blog the other day that "normal if life, how we handle it is LIVING! Merry Christmas. My tree not up yet. :)

  2. Everthing is looking great & very festive!

    You hang in there, take care of yourself & enjoy the holidays to the fullest!

  3. Your house looks beautiful and I love the green walls. Maybe someday I will paint my dining room! Thanks for stopping by. I am a "what if" type of person too and I could only imagine how hard your situation is but it sounds like you are doing your best to live in the moment. Have a wonderful holiday season and stay positive!
    Cheers! - Shelley

  4. Hello Terri. First of all, the glasses from the dollar store are real glass.
    They are so cute and cheap! Your house looks lovely. Love the tree.
    I'm so sorry you have suffered so long with that nasty cancer. I am glad to see you are feeling alittle better. Hang in there and be strong. You are such a trooper. Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family. XO Linda


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