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My passion is decorating with vintage and antique finds on a budget. There was a time when I wouldn't have dreamed of going into a goodwill. That day has passed. :) My second love is scrapbooking all those special family moments for posterity, and I recently set up my very own scrapbooking room. I have three beautiful children, two sons and a daughter as well as a sweet (albeit full blooded Yankee) daughter-in-law and two grandgirls. I also enjoy gardening, meeting new friends and relaxing on my patio in the evenings with a glass of fine wine. During the summer of 2001, I spent two glorious weeks at Kennedy Space Center. I've been somewhat of a space geek ever since....

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Girls' Trip!!!

My friend Kim and I took a much needed girls' trip up to Tunica, Mississippi over the weekend. We headed out on Friday morning and drove up to Hollywood Casino. After an afternoon of gambling, we drove over to Harrah's and ate at the Paula Deen Buffet. Kim and I are both big Paula Deen fans and Kim and her husband have visited The Lady and Sons Restaurant in Savannah and have taken the Rags to Riches Tour. I tell you, that food was to die for..... I'm going to search high and low for that Squash casserole recipe. Kim brought her favorite Hoecake recipe home. On Saturday morning we drove up to Memphis and visited Graceland. Here's a shot of us in front of Elvis' private plane named Lisa Marie after his baby girl.
This is a car that was used in one of Elvis' movies, can't remember which one.....

Here is the front of Graceland. Elvis paid $100,000 for the house and acreage in the late 50's. It's been kept exactly as it was when he died in 1977. The second story is closed to the public in respect for Elvis. Talk about a blast from the past. Who would have thought that people would pay good money to see green shag carpeting and royal blue drapes with gold fringe?

Blue was Elvis' favorite color and there are many blue touches throughout the house. Flash photography wasn't permitted so most of my photos didn't turn out very well. You can see some extremely tacky stained glass and those royal blue drapes in this shot......

This is a picture of us in front of the Batmobile at Hollywood Casino....... We played hard and lost either a little or a lot money depending on which day you ask us............

And on the grounds of Graceland..........
We ate some awesome BBQ beef at a restaurant there. I had a little trouble squeezing into those black shorts!On Sunday morning we drove back over to Harrah's and ate the breakfast buffet at Paula Deen's (yep, it was well worth a second visit and it's showing on my waistline) and then headed home to reality. What a great time we had!

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